E-3173 Pro Series Component Video Cable ECOMP412 

 This cable is recommended for use with digital sources such as DVD, Digital Set Top Box and Satellite.

Component Cable is essentially the highest quality analogue signal available for consumer electronic devices. It divides the signal into three separate connections, which you’ll notice an increased sharpness and detail in images. Component Cables are a big step forward from the VHS systems which had laserdiscs encoded with composite video. DVD’s however are not only more compact and easy to use, but a much higher quality format is on the DVD itself. Most DVD players have a component input. You can connect the two with a three-wire component video cable. When you do this, you transfer the high quality signal from the DVD straight into your display system without it ever being converted to composite video. This then results in higher detail, richer and more accurate colour and a cleaner picture!


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Pro Series E-3173 Component Video Cable ECOMP412
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